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"Up a Tree"

June 1, 2017

Dear Patient,  


Did you ever feel like you are up a tree and can’t get down?  This metaphor is so common in today’s society that I encourage you to read, reread, and then share this with your family and friends.

As we travel through life there are many paths, forks, and choices we have to make.  Are you making the right choices in life?  Are you approaching a fork in the road and taking the easy way or the right way?  Are your choices all about you or about who you can help?

If we make the right choices, take the right fork, and always look out for others, the obstacles of life become small.  If we make wrong choices, take the wrong fork, and only look out for ourselves we eventually get up a tree and don’t see a way down.

There is a way down and it can start now!  Follow these simple steps and your life will change for the better.

  1. Be honest with yourself.  Are you true to your beliefs or do your beliefs change with circumstances?  If you are not sure you need to sit down and write down the 20 top beliefs that you truly have about life.
  2. Are you treating others as you would like to be treated?  When you talk to your spouse, significant other, or children are you struggling with your own personal shortfalls or are you truly being the example you want others to see.  Kindness allows others to hear rather than run.
  3. Are you walking your talk?  If you are expressing what you want someone else to do but doing the opposite, you are climbing that tree.  It will catch up to you.

If you go through life setting the example others want to follow, encouraging optimism because you’re an optimist, and helping anyone who comes into your life your ladder down the tree will be short. 

We all have pitfalls, but if you recognize them early in life you will remain happy and healthy for a very long time.

                                                                                    Stay strong and healthy,

                                                                                    Dr. Bill Wallace

                                                                                    Dr. Glenn Eigenmann

                                                                                    Dr. Brian Wallace

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