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5 Ways to Treat LBP at Home

5 Ways to Treat LBP at Home

Back pain is a common health concern and 80 percent of Americans will experience it at some point in their lives. There are different forms of back pain including lower back pain, middle back pain and everywhere in between and intensity can vary from mild to the severe.

Lower back pain is one of the most severe forms of back pain. While some people resort to medication to alleviate their back pain symptoms, this will not address the underlying cause of the problem.  If you are dealing with lower back pain, here are five ways to improve your symptoms and get your life back on track.

Pump Yourself with Endorphins

Your body produces endorphins naturally. But most people don’t realize that these chemicals are powerful pain relievers, plus they are natural too. The brain activates the production and release of endorphins when it receives pain signals from other parts of the body, helping to reduce the sensation and make you feel better. Endorphins also reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, symptoms that make chronic back pain much harder to bear. Activities such as aerobic exercise like running and jogging, meditation and massage therapy can help get the endorphins flowing.

Work Your Core Muscles

Your core muscles, i.e., the abs and back muscles provide much-needed support for the lower spine. However, the position of these muscles put them at a disadvantage, making it essential to work them specifically. You can exercise your core muscles with many forms of simple workouts and most don't take too much of your time. You can start with planks.

Train Your Brain to Process Pain Differently

Your brain is the center of all sensation, and plays a critical role in how you perceive unpleasant stimuli such as pain. The implication is that you can teach your brain to deal with pain differently. You can train your mind to downplay the sensation or completely ignore the feeling. Progress on this path can help you manage your lower back pain more effectively, and allow you to engage in activities you used to enjoy before the problem started.

Use Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy or ice therapy is a potent way of reducing pain. Whether applied through cold packs or hot packs, ice therapy can alleviate the pain, reduce inflammation, and promote the healing process. The cold helps to numb the area, acting as a local anesthetic and providing pain relief. It also reduces inflammation and the accumulation of toxins in the affected area.


Pain is a significant cause of sleep deprivation. It can make falling or staying asleep extremely difficult. However, insomnia can also aggravate your back pain, perpetuating the painful situation for longer than is necessary. To end this problem, you have to treat the back pain and sleeplessness. Otherwise, one will sabotage the other, leading to a vicious cycle.

While lower back pain may require the attention of a healthcare professional, the above are some of the things you can try to get some relief. If your symptoms persist for over two weeks, you should go to your chiropractor.

If you have ever suffered or are currently suffering from lower back pain you should see a chiropractor.  Chiropractic has been shown to be very successful and efficient at helping people with their lower back pain. If you want to make an appointment for you or a loved one please call (908) 221-0808 or visit our website at somersethillschiropractic.com .

Yours in health,

Dr. Brian Wallace

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