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What Every Weekend Warrior Should Be Doing to Eliminate A Case Of The Mondays.

Weekend warriors are people who engage in physically-demanding activities only on the weekend.  This can include exercise or homeowners who become their own contractors, taking it upon themselves to carry out extensive home improvement work on their properties. The result of this enthusiastic show of strength on weekends can create a state of various degrees of injury during the following week.

Weekend warriors are mostly people with 9 to 5 schedules. They practically have their whole weekdays booked-from kids, to the office, traffic, homework, cooking, TV and sleep. And so they cram a week's worth of workout or yardwork into the two days of the weekend.

This wouldn’t have been a problem, but their bodies are not used to such strenuous activity within so short a period. Something has to give. Monday comes with aches and pains, but they have enough time to recover before Friday and the cycle continues. Instead of repeating this cycle of pain and discomfort every weekend, here are some tips to help you stay safe as a weekend warrior.

Go for Regular Chiropractic Care

One of the reasons why your body aches so much after a grueling weekend is because it lacks proper spinal movement and alignment, which is integral to the proper movement of all your other bodily parts. With regular chiropractic adjustments, your spinal health increases tremendously, and this will make the movement more fluid and also decrease your recovery periods.

Move More During the Week

Instead of packing your weekends full with high-stress physical activities, it’s easier on your body to engage in light physical activity during the week and then increase the tempo at the weekend. You don’t have to go to the gym to move more; things like using the stairs instead of the elevator, or walking your dog every evening can help condition your body for the garage door remodeling project or 10k run you've lined up for the weekend.

Use the Correct Gear

Many people know the right technique and yet suffer injuries on Monday morning due to lack of proper equipment. Don’t go lifting weights with running shoes as the soles are quite different. You also shouldn’t try to remove a nail from a log of wood using a screwdriver; that’s a recipe for disaster. Invest in the proper equipment, and you will be glad you did.

Drink Plenty of Water

You should never forget to have a water bottle close by whenever you engage in your weekend warrior expeditions. Dehydration can cause a lot of problems for your body, especially when you are aiming to cover considerable ground within a short period.

Warm Up, then Stretch 

While many experts advise that you stretch before exercise, it is actually wrong to do that. The first thing you should do is warm up which will make your muscles flexible and easier to stretch. A brisk walk or other aerobic activity for about 10 minutes will do. When your muscles are warmed up, then you should stretch for about ten minutes before going into your workout or remodeling project. Do this after your workout as well.

Listen to Your Body

While exercise can be painful sometimes, it’s hard for amateur athletes to recognize when the pain is good or bad. Whether you are trying to lose weight or building a new doghouse, it’s essential to be able to identify the signs your body gives when it’s under duress. If the pain lingers for more than usual, you may want to try the RICE method: rest, ice, compression and elevation. It’s vital that you go and see your doctor if you still experience the symptoms or it becomes worse.


Your body needs rest to recover its energy reserves after strenuous physical activity. To avoid burnout or a repetitive use injury, give yourself enough time to rest and recover before exerting yourself again.

So, if you are a weekend warrior and want to prevent injuries or have a current injury, you need to schedule your annual chiropractic assessment and now is the time to do so! The experienced and friendly chiropractors at Somerset Hills Chiropractic are happy to share more information about the health benefits of chiropractic adjustments and answer any questions you may have. To schedule an appointment, please call (908) 221-0808.

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