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Improve Your Posture and Watch Your Health Skyrocket

You may be slouching in your seat while reading this right now. Yes, you. Your mom was right after all when she would always yell at you for slumping in the sofa while watching your favorite TV show as a teenager. It turns out that posture is critical to your health, and poor posture harms more than your looks as it has far reaching consequences for your health, productivity, and happiness. Wouldn’t you rather sit upright? 

While you may know that good posture helps your physique and makes clothes fit better, there are more important reasons to correct your posture. Here are some of the benefits of good posture on your health. 

Reduces Pain 

When you sit or stand with poor posture for long periods, your spinal curves change and exert pressure on the spine, muscles, joints, ligaments and other connective tissues. This leads to tense and sore muscles, back and neck pain. 

Proper posture can help you avoid these problems by reducing the strain on joint surfaces and ligaments attached to the spinal joints. Good posture also helps you prevent injuries and deformities of the spine and spinal joints. Good posture can also help relieve pain in the neck and back region by reducing tension. 

Improves Respiration 

Good posture is essential to breathing correctly. Shortness of breath can be a challenge for people with health problems, but you can help to alleviate this problem by improving your posture. Good posture opens up the chest cavity and frees up your rib cage to allow your lungs to function more efficiently, significantly boosting the entry of oxygen into the body. 

If you are slouched on your chair all day, you can’t take deep breaths that allow sufficient amounts of oxygen into the cardiopulmonary system.   This reduces the oxygen reaching your brain, and every other part of the body.  By improving your posture, your body and brain can always get adequate amounts of oxygen to carry out their functions effectively. 

Aids Digestion 

Good posture is essential for effective digestion, which is vital for good health. Poor posture exerts pressure on your digestive organs, reducing their ability to process and absorb food. When this occurs for extended periods, it can lead to severe digestive complications such as acid reflux and wreak havoc on your metabolism. Posture improving practices such as chiropractic and yoga are excellent ways of improving your posture and boosting your health. 

Promotes Circulation 

Poor posture can inhibit the delivery of essential nutrients your body needs to thrive and stay healthy. Bad posture compresses your veins, inhibiting the circulation of nutrients and oxygen-rich blood. By correcting your posture, you increase blood flow and boost the transportation of nutrients to every part of your body. 

Prevents Cardiovascular Problems 

According to studies on poor posture carried out in England and Australia, researchers found that the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases was higher in people who sat all day. You can help to avoid this disease by standing more, doing exercises that improve posture, and going for chiropractic maintenance care. 

Boost Your Productivity 

During an interview with Entrepreneur Magazine, Professor Dana Carney of the University of California said that posture and testosterone play an important part in productivity. According to Dana, when you sit with the correct posture, your body secretes more testosterone, significantly boosting your confidence levels while performing tasks. 

Proper posture affects more than your looks or how you feel about yourself. Good posture can improve your health by making your body more efficient in digesting food, boosting circulation, and reducing pain.  Now, more than ever, you need to take concrete steps to improve your posture!  Don’t wait, start today! 

Helping you get the most out of life is our highest priority at Somerset Hills Chiropractic. Our expert posture correction services will ensure that your spine is properly aligned and you are well on your way to performing at your best. 

For a posture evaluation, feel free to contact us anytime. We’ll walk you through the entire process and answer any questions you may have. 

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