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Pregnancy And Chiropractic

5 Ways Pregnant Women Can Benefit from Chiropractic Care

If you are a pregnant woman as the days and weeks fly by you may experience recurring pain or discomfort in the hips and lower back. Research has shown that at least 50 percent of expectant mothers will have back pain at one point or the other before they give birth.

Throughout pregnancy women go through several physical and hormonal changes that can have a profound impact on your comfort as well as your posture. As the baby continues to develop and becomes bigger your center of gravity and posture also shift accordingly.

For instance, the following changes are bound to occur physically:

Profound changes to the pelvis as your body prepares itself for labor

A protruding belly, which causes the curve of your lower back to increase significantly

Adaptations to your gait

All these physical changes ultimately affect your spine, thereby resulting in a misaligned spine and pelvis which can cause pain and discomfort.

However, one of the best ways to address this issue is chiropractic care. According to a collaborative medical and chiropractic study conducted on expectant mothers showed at least 75 percent of pregnant women undergoing chiropractic care reported incredible relief from back and hip pain.

This proves that chiropractic adjustments can re-establish balance as well as alignment to your spine and pelvis.

Here are five ways pregnant women can benefit from chiropractic care:

A well-aligned Spine

Average expectant women gain up to 40 pounds during this period and this additional weight can put a lot of strain on their bodies. And as the pregnancy progresses from one month to the next the pressure can become too much, and the spine can be misaligned.

The need for consistent chiropractic care for an expectant mother with a misaligned spine cannot be overemphasized. This is because this condition can bring on symptoms which range from chronic stiffness to severe debilitating pain.

Chiropractic care will ensure the pregnant woman’s spine remains in alignment. The chiropractor will also make sure that the tendons that support the spine are doing their jobs correctly by supporting the physical changes and added weight.

Eliminate or Reduce the Use of Pain Medication

Expectant mothers are facing enough challenges already and adding both neck and back pain to the mix can be pretty unbearable. Taking pain medication during pregnancy can also have adverse effects on the unborn child.

Then regular chiropractic adjustments will be made to minimize pain as well as relieve stress caused by underlying issues.

Appropriate Pelvic Alignment

If the pelvis is not aligned correctly then an expectant mother may face a few challenges and a less efficient vaginal birth. This is because the baby will not be able to fit through during vaginal delivery and this could pose a severe risk to mother and child.

The misaligned pelvis will not give room for the baby to get in position for the mother to push. A breech condition may arise resulting in no other option than having a C-section.

A well-trained chiropractor – who specializes in prenatal care – can help an expectant mother to align her pelvis. This will help promote a non-invasive and natural vaginal birth.

Fortify the Joints for Proper Support

When the uterus expands in response to the growing fetus, the hips, legs as well as the ankles and feet start feeling the strain.

An experienced chiropractor can help expectant mothers by treating their body so that their tendons become stronger and more balance to support the added pressure and weight.

Boost the Ability to Bounce Back

The human body is an interesting phenomenon that tries to repair itself especially soon after childbirth. Women that maintain their health regime throughout their pregnancies tend to restore their bodies to its pre-pregnancy state much faster and easier than those who change their healthy habits.

Eating a well-balanced diet and regular exercise will aid in helping to restore the body to its former state. The majority of expectant mothers who follow the recommendations of a chiropractor consistently often cite less discomfort, pain as well as increased mobility throughout their pregnancy as well as post pregnancy.  If you know someone who is pregnant and is struggling with pain or discomfort encourage them to see a chiropractor.  There is no risk to mom or baby and the benefits go far beyond just pain relief.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Brian Wallace

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