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  • My name is Brian Wallace and I am a Health Addict!
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My name is Brian Wallace and I am a Health Addict!

My Name is Brian Wallace and I AM AN ADDICT!

I am currently 32,000 ft in the air leaving the Sunshine State and just had the best 2 weeks of my life. On the plane where time seems to standstill I have been thinking about how excited I am to get back to New Jersey and get back on my routine. For the past 2 weeks on my family vacation I have dropped from getting adjusted 2x weekly to zero, to working out 4-5 days a week to none, eating 98% healthy to 20%, taking daily protein shakes and supplements to nothing, and the only thing I have maintained is massage. 

Many people would tell me before my trip "Doc, I bet you’re excited to get off your diet and stop working out for a bit" or in some context let me know how good it is going to be for me to cheat. These statements could not be further from the truth on how I felt this trip! I always find it interesting that if you take someone who eats very clean and feed them junk food they don't feel well or someone who eats a ton of junk and get them eating super clean they sometimes can't tolerate it all at once. I didn't get sick this trip but always felt full.

This whole thought process and the reason I am writing this is because I am 100% addicted to being healthy. My name is Brian Wallace and I am addicted to chiropractic adjustments, eating healthy, working out, and living my greatest life to reach my full potential. It may sound awkward that I am writing this but as a chiropractor I hear some of the most outlandish comments such as:

* "Once you get a chiropractic adjustment you have to get adjusted for the rest of your life."

* "I hear once you get a massage you will want to go the rest of your life"

* "If I take fish oil or D3 do I have to take them the rest of my life"

These comments always confuse me because what is so wrong about being addicted to getting your spine properly aligned so the brain can send clear signals down your spine and out your spinal nerves to all of your organs and organ systems. Is it a problem I am also addicted to my dentist and will go twice a year for the rest of my LIFE to make sure my teeth are clean, there is no decay, and my gums are healthy? What is wrong about working out at the SAME gym regularly and doing it for the rest of my life so I can be more functionally fit? What is wrong about living healthy the rest of my life and trying to find all the new products and services that will allow me truly be healthy? I am bringing all of this up because watching the downward spiral of our country and the healthcare stats are really starting to fire me up. When did we become such a quick fix or want it now culture? Obviously if that model works so well we would be the healthiest and richest country in the world but if we look at the stats or even the people around us we know that is not true.

I ask and encourage all of you (yes, you!) to look at your addictions whether good or bad and how you can convert the bad ones to good ones. For example, some people are addicted to having an immobile spine without 100% connection. Some people are addicted to eating junk foods such as grains, sugar, processed dairy, and other packaged foods. Some people are addicted to the television, phone, or computer and are not getting proper exercise to keep their cardiovascular system working right.

My question of the week is: What addictions are in your life right now whether they are good or bad and how can you take the bad ones and convert them into healthy addictions?

Yours in Health,

Dr. Brian Wallace

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