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Chiropractic Care can Help the Opioid Crisis

All-Natural Chiropractic Care Could Help Curb Opioid Addiction

The opioid epidemic is at an all-time high. Millions of American citizens are wasting away under the choking hold of the drug, and it seems there is no way out. But alternative pain management and chiropractic care might be the answer.

No thanks to the continued prescription of opioids by doctors for pain management, the rate of addiction to opioids continue to rise. Why do doctors keep recommending these addictive drugs to their patients when they know there is a high chance of getting hooked?

Pain management is complicated and there are few clinical alternatives. However, chiropractic care is a viable alternative for pain management. Chiropractors can provide a safe, 100 percent natural way of managing pain without resorting to life-changing drugs such as morphine and other opioid-based medications.

Going by the results of new studies in non-medication-based pain management, researchers now know that chiropractic care has always been an effective pain management strategy, but the relative success of opioids overshadowed the practice.

In a study conducted at Dartmouth, scientists reported that patients suffering from lower back pain treated with chiropractic care experienced improvements in their symptoms and use of pain medication dropped by 57 percent.

Why is chiropractic care effective for pain management? Chiropractic treatment aligns the spine, improving the transmission of neural impulses and boosting function. Seeing an experienced chiropractor can help you manage your pain symptoms without using medications with possible adverse side effects. A chiropractor can create a comprehensive care plan tailored to your individual health problems regarding pain. With this type of natural treatment, you won’t need to depend solely on opioid medication.

But is chiropractic care expensive? No, more chiropractors are making their services affordable and easily accessible to everybody. This will open up better and healthier pain management alternatives to Americans.  Whether you are suffering from back pain, neck pain, postural defects or anything that can produce discomfort in your body, chiropractic adjustments can help solve your problem in a natural way.

The American College of Physicians, the Joint Commission and several professional bodies in the healthcare sector have recommended the use of chiropractic care as a better and natural alternative pain management strategy. This is because chiropractic does not come with the risk of abuse and overuse which opioid-based pain medications are prone to, making it more effective in treating pain in the short and long-term.

To this end, the American Chiropractic Association encourages every American to exhaust every available conservative treatment for pain management before using potentially addictive treatments like opioids which also have several other unpleasant side effects.

Are you suffering from musculoskeletal pain? Chiropractic care offers a natural, efficient and safe way to manage your pain. It also allows you to track your recovery progress as you can monitor the level of the pain as your treatment progresses. This is not possible in pain-numbing treatment strategies such as opioids.  For a healthier and safer pain treatment alternative that has no negative side effects, chiropractic adjustments are one of the proven ways of managing pain without the risk of addiction.

If you would like to learn more or have questions please call our office at (908) 221-0808 or visit our website at www.somersethillschiropractic.com.

Yours in health,

Dr. Brian Wallace

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