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Can Posture Affect Your Blood Sugar?

Can Your Poor Posture Affect Your Blood Sugar?

We live in a sedentary world, and it affects our metabolism and posture. But did you know that your posture can affect your blood sugar levels?

You might wonder what the connection between posture and glucose levels is, but recent studies show that the way you sit can have a significant impact on your blood sugar. Incorrect and poor posture can exert excessive pressure on your spine. Left uncorrected for a period of time, a strained spine can cause increased thoracic kyphosis (Curve).

Increased thoracic kyphosis i.e., outward curvature of the spine can lead to chronic lower back pain as well as other abnormal functions within your body. When your body is out of its normal alignment your central nervous system (CNS) cannot communicate properly with its organs and other bodily functions. Now consider the number of hours you spend sitting while commuting to and from work, watching TV or chit-chatting with friends on social media. You would have a clear picture of what your posture can do to your health in long term.

Blood sugar regulation is a big deal as it can cause chronic health conditions such as diabetes. In the United States, diabetes is one of the leading killers and it continues unabated because there is no cure in sight.

While there are many ways of controlling diabetes, many people will never look towards chiropractic care to manage their body’s sugar intolerance. But that is where the posture comes in. Research shows that chiropractic treatment may be an effective way of controlling blood sugar levels making it a potential diabetes management strategy.

How Chiropractic Can Help Manage Diabetes

Studies show that the central nervous system and blood sugar levels have a connection. The spine which is the superhighway of the central nervous system, is the playground of chiropractic care, giving chiropractors an advantage in the manipulation of the central nervous system (CNS).

With the right spine alignment, chiropractors can enhance the body’s function, including how it regulates blood sugar. Chiropractors optimize the CNS to make it to communicate better with other parts of the body, thus allowing for more effective sugar utilization.

According to a recent study, patients who were not using medication who received chiropractic care for one month experienced improvements. Also, in this study, chiropractors treated a man with thoracic kyphosis and type 1 diabetes with excellent results.

The researchers discovered that after each chiropractic adjustment, the patient’s blood sugar levels dropped within healthy levels without the use of medication. When the study was complete, the patient’s back pain had reduced significantly and his blood sugar levels had normalized thanks to regular chiropractic adjustments of his spine.

Chiropractic care provides unique access into the body’s control room, the CNS and spine. By adjusting the spine’s vertebrae, chiropractors can correct many problems caused by pinched or irritated nerves. The result is an improvement in all areas of your life and increased health and wellness.

Are you having problems with your posture? Why not try chiropractic care?

Chiropractic is not the panacea for everything.  Chiropractic does not treat disease or diabetes.  Chiropractic helps to re-align the spine into its proper orientation so that the nerves of the body can communicate properly with the CNS and when that happens the body is able to function normally.  So whether than means your body can now produce more insulin, improve digestion, decrease prostate symptoms, or decrease your pain.  Chiropractic is not about treating symptoms it’s all about improving the communication of your nervous system which in turn allows your body to function at its optimal!  When your body functions at it is optimal often symptoms whether musculoskeletal or visceral in nature tend to minimize or disappear.

Yours in health,

Dr. Brian Wallace

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